Embed Map URL Parameters

Blog Post created by iwittenmyer-esristaff Employee on Feb 19, 2015

In December we released an updated version of our embedded map viewer. 


These are all the url params: [

1.    "extent", Specify a custom extent only plan to support geographic coordinates.

2.    "home", If true the home button is displayed. Only valid if zoom is true.

3.    "zoom", : If true the zoom slider is displayed.

4.    "scale", If true the scalebar is displayed in the lower left corner of the map.

5.    "search", If true the geocoder search is enabled. Supports search and multiple locators.

6.    "basemap_toggle", If true the basemap toggle button is displayed.

7.    "basemap_gallery", if true the base map gallery widget will be displayed.
8.    "alt_basemap", url option to specify the other basemap.toggle.  If nothing is specified then satellite is used. Valid values are: "streets" , "satellite" ,     "hybrid", “topo", "gray", "oceans", "national-geographic" ,"osm",”terrain”,” dark-gray”
9.    "legend", If true the legend displays in the side panel.
10. "popup_sidepanel", popup information is presented the info tab of the side panel instead of over the map.*
11. "details", If true the web map description will appear in the side panel.
12. "theme", color them applied to panel and buttons. Valid options are light or dark.
13. "searchextent", : If true search is within current extent.
14. "marker", specify  location, desc, url to symbol, title for marker symbol with popup.
15. "level", the level ID of the cache scale as listed in the REST service endpoint. For example: level=9 *
16. "center", center map using geographic coordinates (x,y). * .
17. "active_panel", sets the default content of the side panel. Valid options are details or legend (popup*).
18. "show_panel", if true the side panel will show when the app loads, default is closed.*
19. "find", open map at a specific location, works in conjunction with search
20. "disable_scroll", when true mouse scrolling is disabled*
21. "zoom_position", default is top left, options are top-left, bottom-left, top-right, bottom-right. The default extent (home) button comes along for the ride.*
22. "logoimage", url accessible by clicking the logo*
23. "logolink" url reference to the logo or image you want to include*
24. “webmap” Web map id for a map to display.


*option not accessible from embed in website dialog.



Here are a couple examples:


Example 1 with scale, zoom (zoom position top right), home, light theme, legend, details, panel closed on load, basemap toggle (alt basemap =terrain), and logo.


Example 2 with zoom (zoom position bottom left), search, legend, base map gallery, dark theme, popup in side panel, panel open on load, scrolling disabled, logo


More info can be found here