Need Table of Contents Widget for JavaScript 4.0 API

Blog Post created by ipeebles on Oct 12, 2015

This is a question for developers at ESRI.  Are there any plans to develop a table of contents widget that supports turning on layers individually using a check box, while having the legend next to the checkbox?  The TOC widget also needs to have the ability to collapse layers and support group layers, similar to what is used in ArcGIS Desktop.


Already, the application builders such as the Silverlight and Flex application builders contain this functionality.  Can we have this for JavaScript API as well?


Right now, you can build check boxes for services and you can have a legend, but cannot have both.


I think a lot of developers would agree that it would be nice to have this functionality to meet end user needs.  We need this functionality incorporated, rather than building an app and not allowing the user to easily control the visibility of their layers.


Our organization is currently looking to replace ArcGIS Desktop installs with web based applications.  We want to maintain as much functionality as we can to meet the needs of our end users.


Here is a widget I am referring to:




Also, a widget like this has been put together:




Can ESRI put something like this together?  Anyone else agree, this would be tremendous functionality to have?