Why we are all Spatial Beings

Blog Post created by hrowan on Jul 15, 2014

As maps geeks, most of us here appreciate the importance of maps and spatial data and why they are relevant in our lives and in society in general. But in my experience most everyone is drawn to and enthralled by maps. Below is a link to a Pecha Kucha I gave in Bar Harbor, ME on this topic (and sure enough, I had a crowd gathered around me at intermission, each person wanting to tell me how much they have always been fascinated by maps!)


Cartomniphilia: Why we are all spatial beings on Vimeo


I believe a big part of why we all have this affinity for maps is that our memories are intricately tied to specific places in the environment around us, and that this reminiscential terrain is written into the body and how we experience the world. I speak to this quite a bit in the Pecha Kuncha above, and also on the following webpage: Memory Map - Western Mountain Mapping, where I present a crowd-sourced collaborative "Memory Map" for Mount Desert Island Maine, to which residents and visitors can submit their own memories. This online map is a first step in exploring this relationship between memory and place by making visible that invisible landscape of memory.