Model builder for multiple rasters' extraction

Blog Post created by hoatran106 on Jul 9, 2018

Well, I have been challenging when building a model in arcmap for extracting multiple rasters (400 images) by my desired polygon. Batching may be helpful but it will take a lot of time to select and execute. I tried script but I am not a script person so I made so many errors and didnot know how to fix. Then, I came back with my first ideal - model builder. Yay, I found my mistakes that led to modelling error. 

1. Try to to in order: add data> iterate raster> clip

2. Right name..... the tricky!!!. Have to put %name%, and data format (I forgot- I am so stupid) such as .img\.jpg)

3. Then run, dont forget to select your output folder

Fiuuuuu! Then more than 1000 MODIS images are subset in just 1 click. That 's my most favorite part!