How to 3D Print a Topo Map with 3D Features Anywhere in the World

Blog Post created by hlzhang525 on Oct 20, 2014

3D Printing Topo map with/ without City Model is highly demanded, in practice, including the creation of sand table.


However, most of 3D mapping systems like ESRI CityEngine, ArcScene or ArcGIS Pro does not support 'direct' 3D Printing for topo 3D map (with or without 3D features).

A workaround solution to this task is addressed (refer to the article below from Roy).



C Tech’s MVS software includes the ability to create specially formatted VRML files which allow for the creation of full-color 3D physical models using the most advanced 3D printers. However, C Tech only offers 3D model printing as a service to clients.  They assist with modification of the models to ensure the models print correctly the first time and perform the actual printing.


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