So Long USGS National Map viewer, Hello Advanced ArcGIS Online Public Map Viewer!

Blog Post created by gletham_geojobe on Oct 10, 2017

Did you Know… The USGS discontinued service to the previous versions of the National Map viewer application on September 29 2017. This is part of a continuing effort to move towards data visualization frameworks that support the new HTML5 advances in web environments, improve mobile access, and add GIS capabilities while minimizing the government’s role in maintaining custom viewer code. Users will be routed to the new release (the “Advanced” viewer app) –  The National Map program released an AGOL viewer for public usage on April 7, 2017.


The NGP technical staff recommends that users transition to using the National Map Advanced Viewer application. Users have been directed towards this new viewer application through the launch web page since April 2017.


The primary purpose of the new viewer is to provide our users with a means of visualizing and working with our data over the web. Note that the USGS already has a separate application focused on data download and that download functionality is not part of the replacement application at this time.


More info on the new ArcGIS map viewer HERE


See The new replacement National Map Advanced Viewer.