Admin Tools for Portal - Help Your Org and Make the Admin’s Job Easier

Blog Post created by gletham_geojobe on Aug 24, 2017

As fall approaches and plans for year end efficiencies approach, we share a few things that Admin Tools for Portal can do to help you out! Admin Tools for AcGIS Online is widely used in government agencies, utilities, environmental orgs, and the GIS in higher education community (Colleges, Universities etc…) is particularly “addicted” to the efficiencies and time savings they are afforded by leveraging these popular tools.


The start of the school year and approaching year-end and fiscal year-end for orgs is a particularly important time to consider Admin Tools – now that you’ve migrated or are considering migrating to 10.5+ the timing is ideal! For a little more justification and explanation, we’re pleased to share this reminder from our VP of Software Development, David Hansen (@dhansen601) 3 Ways Admin Tools for Portal Will Make Your Life Easier


Tools that College GIS admins use the widely include:

  1. view item dependencies
  2. add delete protection
  3. cloning items/accounts



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