What’s New in ArcGIS Pro and 10 Tips & Tricks

Blog Post created by gletham_geojobe on Aug 8, 2017

Have you made the move to ArcGIS Pro? Are you wondering what’s new? If you were at the 2017 ESRIUC or perhaps you watched the event unfold over the Internet via Twitter and through the many shared videos, then you likely noticed that there was much focus placed on ArcGIS Pro – indeed, this is the future of Esri’s development efforts. According to Esri, Pro is built for usability and performance, with a modern user interface and combined 2D and 3D visualization, 64bit architecture, project-based workflow environment and deep integration with ArcGIS platform capabilities like analysis and sharing.

Upon our return from ESRIUC we noticed there was a timely webinar on ArcGIS Pro delivered by the folks at Esri Canada. The live session titled “ArcGIS Pro Tips & Tricks, delivered by Mike Gregotski (@mgregotski)  and Christina Xing (@XingChristina) discussed the merits and benefits of ArcGIS Pro and touched on a number of the top reasons to make the move and adopt Pro in your organization. We picked up on 10 useful tips about the benefits of ArcGIS Pro:

  1. ArcGIS Pro is a 64 bit architecture and takes the user to a “Project Centric” mindset from the traditional map centric mindset
  2. In the familiar ArcMap environment the user is used to working with .mxd files, whereas in Pro the switch is to a .aprx project. The .aprx can contain multiple maps, scenes, and layouts.
  3. Using the Project (.aprx) templates, users will maintain key folder DB connections
  4. Users can utilize a handy editing grid to help line up features while editing. Rotate the grid accordingly, snap features to the grid and more.
  5. Esily set grid color, spacing, dynamic scaling, snap to grid for efficient feature creation
  6. Users will appreciate the ability to link 2D and 3D views
  7. The Bookmark manager is a simple and efficient way to navigate your maps
  8. Users can import 3D bookmarks to create stunning animations or tours.
  9. Tasks are pre-configured workflows for repeat use or sharing with other users within your organization. Tasks are built using the “Task Designer”
  10. Edits are saved automatically based on time lapsed or operations completed.

Great stuff from Esri canada, I highly encourage you to monitor their webinar schedule!


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You can access the recording of this fine webinar from Esri Canada HERE