Building A User Community Story Map

Blog Post created by gletham_geojobe on May 1, 2017

We’re stoked to have one of the most popular apps in the ArcGIS Marketplace in our Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online. Given that we help thousands of users around the World to be more productive and do their jobs better and faster, we’d like to help put them on the map – enter our Crowdsource Story Map of users. As a user (or would-be user) of Admin Tools we’d love to see you on this resource.

Using the Esri Crowdsource Story Map Template was quick and painless. best of all, anyone (well almost) can do it! Simply sign in to your ArcGIS Online account (you do have one, right??) then visit the Story Map page and “build a crowdsource story“. Then you simply walk through the design instructions to customize your map with your logo, homepage weblink, and design the questions that you’ll ask of your community. Deploy the map and then make it public or share to your organization once you are satisfied – EASY!

The Story Map Crowdsource℠ app enables you to publish and manage a crowdsourced story to which anyone can contribute photos with captions.


More about this can be found on our blog post


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