Plenary Notes and my 10 Favorite Things at DevSummit

Blog Post created by gletham_geojobe on Mar 27, 2017

From Jack D.  “You make the apps and maps that run the world.”  Yes indeed, when you think that the room was full of developers who create web apps, web maps, and maps to analyse and manage such pressing issues as climate change, disaster planning and response, urban planning, feeding the hungry, routing transportation, maintaining the smart grid and even helping to get you to your local micro brewery or pizza place it was tough not to get pretty stoked!


If I had to share 10 topics that resonated with me from the week these are the topics that I suggest you may wish to explore and search out more information:

  1. ArcGIS Arcade – Dec 2016 for awesome webmap themes and map creation, see
  2. Living atlas, many basemaps new out of beta
  3. Smart mapping in 3D demo… see the web scene spec documentation
  4. See create a mobile map package for building your own offline map apps, packaged in a compact format of your base map and operational data layers – See more
  5. Building widgets in webapp builder – Build and share your widgets
  6. AppStudio a one stop shop for testing and deploying –
  7. Collector is maturing, for field data collection. Explorer has “markup” and is very cool and fast to create, share, upload features –
  8. Vector base maps – create your own base maps –
  9. Operations dashboard – presents data in an engaging way –
  10. The new ArcGIS developer subscription – includes Essentials, Builder (make cross platform dev easy); Pro (extend the ArcGIS platform); Premium (advanced data management); Enterprise (the complete platform includes a devsummit reg)
  11. BONUS: Focus on the User Experience UI/UX!


What got your attention at DevSummit??


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