Esri EPC and Opportunities in The ArcGIS Marketplace

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One of the highlights for GEO Jobe as an Esri Business Partner is being able to participate in the annual Esri Partner Conference (EPC). This is where we get to hear directly from Esri about the program and opportunities that exist for companies like ours who provide services to organizations and enterprises who have standardized on the Esri [ArcGIS] platform. Additionally, the event provides us with the opportunity to connect with other partner companies (think B2B) and meet directly with our Esri partner reps. We share more about a couple of partner companies that we work with as well as a video interview about opportunities in the ArcGIS Marketplace.


Of particular interest this year at EPC was the unveiling of Esri’s new tagline, “The Science of Where” (TM). To many, this new branding is particularly interesting and useful as it really does do a great job of simplifying and describing what it is that those of us in “the industry” do! At EPC this year, Esri President, Jack Dangermond not only introduced us to the new tagline, we also heard about his commitment to advancing GIS and spatial science, pushing the technology to the limits and continuing to innovate. As a company, Esri continues to add partners to their growing network. Revenues are growing, ensuring continued investment in R&D, education, and enabling the company to commit to a path forward where sustainability, integrity, and innovation are the foundation. For GEO Jobe as a company, this is awesome to hear and we look forward to our continued growth as well in addition to working with other Esri partner companies and small business startups who are getting a kick-start via the Esri startup program.


Partnerships are important to us at GEO Jobe and to our business. The Esri Partner Program ensures that we are on the cutting edge when it comes to technology. In addition to having support from Esri and access to software,resources, and community we are also building our own network, partnering up with other Esri Partner companies. For example, we’ve recently worked on projects with GeoMarvel and Mapillary, bringing our experience and passion for building on the ArcGIS platform (think Admin Tools, Mapfolio, and the geopowered cloud) and helping these companies with their path to market, the ArcGIS Marketplace. You can read more about these projects via the following:


The Esri startup program is an amazing program that provides member companies with access to software, technology, community, and other partners. Working with partner companies has been an important part of our business while seeing new apps come to life in the ArcGIS Marketplace is a fabulous testament to what is possible when companies team up and work together with cutting edge technology.


Read more including additional benefits of the Esri Startup Program HERE


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