Admin Tools for ArcGIS Online V1.0.12

Blog Post created by gletham_geojobe on Oct 14, 2016

Something new this week for admins, particularly in utilities, higher ed, facilities (airports), local government and other enterprise accounts where user management and admin is of concern. We're please to share that our latest update of Admin tools rolled out on Thursday and is available to all.

Some info about this release... We’ve increased the size of most of the Tools while adding important new features for user credit management, user entitlement and user access. Improvements to important workflows like Clone tools and exporting items have also been provided in this update, along with improvements to move, tag, and filter functions.

New Features in Admin Tools V 1.0.12

  • Update Users Credits allows allocation of credits per user (PRO)
  • Add Entitlements to Users allows allocation of product licenses (PRO)
  • Remove Entitlements to Users allows for removal of product licenses (PRO)
  • Update Users Access updates users’ access
  • Update Users Esri Access updates users’ ESRI Access
  • Added integration with Vestra GeoSystems Monitor

More info can be found in our blog post - as usual we'd love to hear from you about your experience with Admin tools, feature requests etc...


IF you'd like to jump in and launch the free Admin Tools, simply hit this resource in the Marketplace or if you've already provisioned the app with your ArcGIS online account simply jump here and bookmark the application url Admin Tools (free version) for simple access