Tune Core and GIS Data

Blog Post created by gisparcel on Jul 15, 2014

We often hear that the model for GIS data and apps is the iTunes model.  We all know this model from a consumer perspective and who hasn't downloaded music, apps, and games from iTunes or Google play. 


But I recently had the opportunity to work with a musician to post his music for digital  outlets.  It's my cousin with his original compositions and production.  The experience made me think about distributing GIS data.


There are a myriad of digital music outlets much like there are seemingly a myriad of digital data portals.  For independent musicians a third party industry has developed that assists in verifying the originality, i.e. ownership, digital quality, and metadata. These firms have variety of fee structures and you can pick one of many flat fees, per play fees, or some combination.      We picked Tune Core but there are many options. The registration and upload process sets sets up metadata (artist, date, song name, album name, images, etc.), formats the songs for the various digital outlets, and checks for sound quality.  Tune Core then processes the music for distribution to over 30 outlets.


What if your data set could be easily and automatically verified, metadata added and posted to data outlets and portals? Would there be a business model for a service like Tune Core in the digital data business?