Modeling business processes in geographical contexts

Blog Post created by gabrielrico97 on Mar 25, 2015

I have had the opportunity to work with GIS and process architectures  and i have an idea that I think could work for my  master's degree



"In some projects involving a large field of geographic action ( Pipeline, Gas, etc): the modeling process could be more powerful, including the variables of geographic space activities: (latitude, length and height, and temporal changes)



By modeling processes for projects in the oil sector and thinking about the future implementation of enterprise architecture: I noticed that people usually do the same process but in different geographical areas with different characteristics and variables, which ultimately must be considered to optimize the flow of activities to ensure their effectiveness.



My proposal is called "Modeling business processes in geographical contexts" and seeks to integrate:



1. The use of geographic web services (Web Map Services, Web Feature Services) available in the  Spatial Data Infrastructures,

2. Geographical own customer information

3. The temporal variation in the processes arising from various conditions (safety, accessibility, culture, idiosyncrasy, etc)



I have worked in Geographic Information Systems in Colombia and I've seen that do not run from the perspective of an enterprise architecture nor from the base of a process architecture, the result:



Customers  develop an expensive Information System, detached from the existing architecture in the company and lastly: Without a Process modeling analyzed and optimized as the foundation of all future draft about Information Technology  Business



The Pincipal idea is to use spatial information to analyze the performance of your company, optimizing the activities that are developed mainly in terrain and have great influence of geographic, cultural variables, social, safety, etc.



The geographic modeling business processes, take bidirectional feedback component that improves the process activities in record time "