Smart Installations: Getting Smarter with IoT

Blog Post created by fwoods-esristaff Employee on Jul 3, 2017

The Internet of Things (IoT) has generated a great deal of interest, particularly for how these connected devices can motivate transformation and make our facilities and installations smarter. This new level of two-way communication gathers details from distributed assets, and can offer an integrated understanding of the well-being and performance of individual facilities and the installation. However, the volume, velocity and variety of data, the necessary investment in hardware, and integrating this data with existing systems poses a daunting set of implementation challenges.


Combining information from a system of interconnected sensors, and building smart installation solutions are a natural fit for geographic information system (GIS). All data, including structured and unstructured data; big data; and data from IoT sensors, and devices have the attributes of space and time—the where and the when. Your analysts use this information to create intelligence, aggregating all installation data in a mapping and analytics interface.


Smart installation solutions, powered by Esri's location platform, enable better and easier access to operational data. The location platform can consume and integrate data from other organizational systems, such as work order and asset management systems, as well as from sources like facility drawings in computer-aided drafting (CAD) or Excel spreadsheets. Once loaded into the location platform, the information is made available, via map services, for you and your workforce to access using mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets; and dashboards such as the Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS. The location platform extends access to your workforce at all levels, thus increasing productivity and safety.


Connecting your various business systems to geography reveals patterns that lead to actionable insight. Smart installations use the information and insight gleaned from one business line to affect and improve the rest of the organization. Immediate access to relevant information, at any scale, provides answers to place-based queries and can push information to staff whether in their office or in the field. Using mobile technology, you can run your facility using any device, anytime and anywhere.


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