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I market Esri technology to defense organizations. I’m no longer using Esri technology for real-world military applications to solve problems. I’m a former US Army Topographic Engineer Officer. While in the Army, I used ARC/INFO and eventually ArcGIS.


Aside from marketing, I still use ArcGIS and other Esri technology offerings such as ArcGIS Online, snap2map iOS app, and Esri Story Maps.  I learned about geospatial technology including geographic information systems (GIS) when their interfaces were a command line, aka C prompt. In the early to late 1990s, command line was being replaced by user interfaces that we have grown to know, mostly through the Windows® operating system. Let’s step into the 21st century with ArcGIS Pro!


Installing ArcGIS Pro 1.0 was quick and easy. I selected the defaults and it was a matter of minutes before I had the start screen come up.


ArcGIS Pro start screen.jpg

I was able to quickly find an existing project template, Observation Post.


ArcGIS Pro select template.jpg


NOTE: The Observation Post template is a pre-configured, ArcGIS for the Military—Land Operations template.


Look Ma, no hands!

This is amazing! With the deployment of ArcGIS Pro, I can have pre-configured templates available for anyone in my organization to use. The best part? When I start with an ArcGIS for the Military template, the maps, tools necessary styles and more for my work are automatically loaded!


ArcGIS Pro AFM-LO OP template.jpg


Keep coming back to read more about my adventures with ArcGIS Pro.