Esri GIS Educators’ Conference 2017

Blog Post created by frobchen on May 3, 2018

I look forward to the Esri Conference each year.  Last July, I attended a workshop where GIS users gathered together in one of the conference rooms, and the facilitator had us group according to interests.  The table talk focused on whatever we wanted to talk about.  About 20-minutes into the conversation, I expressed an interest in having a mentor.  Dr. Nick Burkhart, UCLA, offered to be my mentor.


The mentoring experience was beyond my expectations.  I shared with Nick the project I was interested in having my middle school class work on.  It was an environmental study to determine the amount of water shed from our campus after it rained.  Nick said that would be doable.


The action plan involved 3 of his senior students.  Nick created a web page organized into Day 1, 2 and 3.  His students created videos which taught important concepts which I used to help prepare my students prior to Nick and his students coming to my class to teach my class.  These videos will remain active, and I will share them.  His students were wonderful.  It was great for my students to interact with these young people.  Nick was fully involved.


The end result was a Story Map created by two students in my class.  After the Story Map was submitted to the map competition, one student has continued completing the calculations and improving the Story Map.  He loves this.


Another team of 2 students asked if they could digitize the map of our campus, inserting map notes with information about teachers and classes.  They wanted the incoming 6th-graders to use the map to help them navigate the campus.  This is their Engineering Project.  


The 2 students shared the map with an administrator. She asked a colleague who uses a drone on campus, to speak with the students about overlaying their map with images from the drone.  I spoke with him and added him to my AGOO and did some research.  I sent him information about Drone2Map.  I listened to a presentation about this software and learned that using drone imagery is within our reach.  My colleague has technical skills way beyond mine.


I have been wanting to share this story with you.


Thank you, Dr. Burkhart and Nicole, Theresa and Matt.


Teachers, enjoy the 2018 Conference!