Have you read Joseph Kerski's latest gem?

Blog Post created by frobchen on Nov 8, 2015

I don't know about you, but my schedule and personal life don't afford me the time to read through the latest posts in the 3 or 4 Geonet groups that I belong to; however, I do consistently pay attention to Joseph Kerski's videos and blogs.


The latest is "5 Exciting ways to access USGS Historical Topographic Maps in ArcGIS Online" posted in GIS Education Community.  In the right margin under "Recent Posts" there is a blog called "Desperately Learning", a phrase spoken by Mr. Jack Dangermond, founder of Esri.  I have listened to Mr. Dangermond speak several times, and his voice and demeanor express a passion amd a sincerity.  When I read Joseph's reflection, I could hear those words coming from Mr. Dangermond's mouth and see the intensity of his face in my imagination.


This blog touched me as a teacher.  Yes, all the technical stuff is important, and I am clumsy and slow at it, but without the burning desire to be that learner among learners what am I?


I wrote a lengthy response to Joseph...not adding any useful knowledge, but sharing a little bit of my humanity with him.


Joseph, keep blogging!