To know, to think you know, to know you don't know

Blog Post created by frobchen on Sep 19, 2015

I just spent nearly 3 hours with my Geomentor.  I'm launching my two 6th-grade Earth System and Space Science classes into my Organization in the next week.  I meet parents at Back to School night on Tuesday, 9/22/15. I will share with them how their children will be using ArcGIS Online in class.


I sat and listened to our presenters at T3G 2015 go over the nuts and bolts of setting up the Org.  I read the powerpoint on ArcGIS Online Organizational account.  Amy Potter emailed me the ppt. which I had seen in the last 2 months. I would have hunted for it.  Thanks, Amy.


Guess what, with all that instruction, I still was unsure.  What is a prefix?  Do I assign the Username?  Is an alias redundant?  I thought I knew what to do, but when it came to opening that spreadsheet, yikes!  Enter my patient, knowledgeable Geomentor.  The experience with her was one of digging deeper to understand the structure and rationale.  She listened to me, even when I wasn't understanding.  To know something really well is personally rewarding, but it may be difficult to understand why someone else doesn't understand.


Thank you, Veronica.