Teaching and GIS

Blog Post created by frobchen on Sep 17, 2015

Well, it's been nearly 3 months since the end of the T3G Institute.  I don't teach GIS as a separate class.  Using ClassDojo, I sent a letter home to parents explaining that the 6th-grade Earth System Science students would use GIS to learn Earth System Science.  I let them know that their child will need an email address.


"Can I use my Dad' s email since I have to be 13 to get an email?"   Hmmmm...I'll check into that.


I know there are documents to help me set up the groups, but I'm like some kids, "What if I get things all mixed up?"


We have our Back to School Night on Tuesday, 9/22/15.  I will put a very short highlight of GIS for the 6th-grade parents together sometime this weekend.


In the meantime, from day-to-day, I design my lessons framed by Common Core/NGSS,  post assignments via Schoology, send out notices to parents via ClassDojo, archive GIS lessons and hope to find them when I get to that topic, and have a great time interacting with the kids in the classroom.   It is that human encounter, that drama that is inherent in setting the stage, posing the question, playing the fool, challenging the thinking, and laughing together when the unexpected happens.  I really love the time with those wonderful children.