Me, Myself, and I — Dangers of Self-Design & Genius Design

Blog Post created by on Aug 25, 2016

(Visual is based upon: Spool, Jared. “Anatomy of a Design Decision.” User Interface Engineering, 2010.)


The other day I was sitting in a meeting to discuss some new enhancements of any existing system. During the meeting there were numerous references incorporating phrases, to the effect of, “how I would use…”, “how I would expect it to…”, “I would want it to…”, and “my preference would be…”


This caused me to recall a memory of a presentation I had an opportunity to listen to in May 2013 from Jared Spool, where he spoke about the “Anatomy of a Design Decision.” I’ll return to describing more about my thoughts on the meeting in just a moment, but first to share with you more about how Spool defined the “Anatomy of a Design Decision.”


The most basic level is...


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