Maria Interpretive Tool

Blog Post created by fquinon1968 on Nov 8, 2017

Dear Charlie Charlie Fitzpatrick :  Greetings from TN. I am from Puerto Rico, a senior but active with ARCGIS precisely in subjects related to the island. I looked carefully at the Maria Interpretive Project, and although a great potential tool, what is now published in terms of the assessments of the damages, is full of errors. Just around my small hometown of Lares I counted more than 50 properties that the tool identifies as totally destroyed, when they are ok. I think that the person or persons from the crowdsource identiflyng houses as destroyed do not know that most of the houses in PR have flat roofs. On these roofs there may be apartments made out of wood, that were blown away, but the house is not destroyed. Also, I believe that those identyfing houses as destroyed are confusing debris on top of the flat roofs with destruction.  Finally, the before images are obsolete and do not match the after Maria images. For example, the zoom image of the cemetery at Lares is at least 5 years old. This is confusing for folks that are not involved on aerial images interpretation.  My strong recommendation is to recall the tool, since it is misleading and creating confusion with folks that may use it as guidance for potential assistance actions, such as FEMA. I can be reached at fquinon@msn.com.