Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration Guiding Principles, by Stig Enemark et all

Blog Post created by fgil on Dec 30, 2015



Existing investments in land administration have been built on legacy approaches, have been fragmented and have not delivered the required pervasive changes and improvements at scale. The solutions have not helped the most needy - the poor and disadvantaged that have no security of tenure.


The ‘Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration Guiding Principles’ is primarily designed to allow a range of stakeholders in developing countries to understand the overall Fit-For-Purpose approach and recognize the benefits of adopting this approach. It provides structured guidance on building the spatial, legal and institutional frameworks in support of designing the country specific strategies for implementing Fit-for-Purpose land administration. However, it is not an instruction manual but offers guiding principles which provide direction and guidance for designing a country specific strategy for implementation.