NOVA IMS' Postgraduate and Master Programs Geographic Information Systems and Science

Blog Post created by fgil on Mar 18, 2015

NOVA IMS' Master degree program in Geographic Information Systems and Science functions both in e-learning or b-learning formats, and in Portuguese. It trains experts and managers to lead and guide the design and development of Geographic Information Systems and Science tailored for the needs of enterprises and public and private institutions.

For the conclusion of the curricular component (1st Year), the students complete 60 ECTS, of which 7,5 are mandatory, corresponding to the course unit Geographic Information Systems and Science. The elective courses will be chosen, by the student, from the following course units: GIS Applications, Spatial Databases, Cartographic Sciences, Introduction to Geostatistics, GI Standards, Remote Sensing, Geostatistics, Data Mining Geo-Espacial, Data Analysis, DataBase Management Systems, GIS and Modelling, Geospatial Data Mining, GIS in Organizations, Remote Sensing, Geospatial Free Open Source Software, GIS Programming, Geographic Databases and Geospatial Web Services, Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT).


I highlight among all courses the newest one: Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) (click on the link to get it's syllabus).


For detailed information about the study programs, click here. Please see the image above for E-learning format's study plan.



Find more information about NOVA IMS' postgraduate and master programs at http://www.novaims.unl.pt/cursos