What is a GIS and How it works?

Blog Post created by esriabbs02 on Jul 15, 2014

gis.jpgWhat is GIS?

GIS is a computer system used to capture, store, analyze, and display geographically referenced information; that is, data identified spatially. GIS also described as the procedures, operating staff, and spatial data managed by the system. GIS technology is usually used for geographers, managers of resources, and planners. It allows planners to instantly react in case of natural disasters or pollution.

How does a GIS work?

GIS is able to relate different information in spatial relations and to reach a conclusion about these relationships. Most geographic information contains a location reference, placing that information at some point on the globe. This is done by using a location reference system, such as longitude and latitude, and perhaps elevation. A GIS, therefore, can reveal important new information that leads to better decision-making.