Odessa Texas GIS DAY 2014

Blog Post created by enavarrete on Nov 26, 2014

November 19th 2014

City Hall 411 W 8th


     The City of Odessa GIS division celebrated its 2nd GIS Day in the Council Chambers of City Hall. This event was open to the public. The GIS Day planning committee, which included members from different department organized this global event. This year we took a "Meet and Greet" approach along side a gallery of maps.


     The maps displayed data from the varies disciplines in a Municipality. From Public Safety to Public Works, our super GIS users displayed their work. The map gallery came with a twist for our users, for there was a reward for the best display.  Our GIS sisters in Police had taken the honor of winning the first year.  The reward of a plaque and the bragging rights of being the best for that year.  So Police was reluctant to even let go of the plaque for one day.  The judges, 75+ attendees, were given a card with lines for their name, agency, and for voting for their favorite/most informational map. We had a good showing from our Engineering, Streets, and Police department.  Which I mention the latter, because the maps in the hunt were from those departments. (Whispering) Even though the maps were only known by a voting number. No lobbying, right? In the end lobbying was constructive. The map creator that personally invited, playfully coerced and mentioned their GIS number the most in their department brought in the biggest crowd.  Engineering made a good run, but the GIS sisters in Police, well their bragging will continue for another year. Many thanks to everyone that participated.


     The map competition brought the people. With that the GIS division took advantage to tell Odessa about GIS. The majority were city employees and we were very happy for that.  This allowed us to inform our fellow employees what we do and what we can do for their department.  We were also excited to see County Commissioners make it to GIS Day. One of many goals is to have good exchange of data and communication with government entities.


As the day ended we looked at our give away items from ESRI GIS Day (ESRI...Thanks by the way) and our personalized items. The items have dwindle to nothing, so the word or I should say the 3 letters (G-I-S) are out there on desktops, wrists , and key chains. We spread the word of GIS today for hopefully a better understanding and a better future.


A successful GIS Day.