A Matter of Parity

Blog Post created by elfrune3 on Dec 8, 2014

parity.JPGIt's Monday afternoon before another data dump into the CAD system and during routine clean-up I find a bunch of address points with errors on them. I zoom in to inspect the lot and find the culprit. Parity errors... in laypersons terms the road is assigned an even range on the left and odd on the right however the opposite is true when you look at the addresses on the map. Its an easy fix in the data management system I just have to fix the street ranges and all is well after a save. However, if I did not have these tools all those addresses would have to be adjusted  one at a time.  This happens a lot in the rural areas of the County streets with bad ranges and addresses that don't make sense. Don't get me started on the mixed addresses parity on the same side of the street. Let's just say I'm glad the CAD system accommodate using address points instead of road center-line ranges only I would be chopping up 1/2 the roads in the County in this case.