GeoEvent: STBDS Data Source Missing Services

Blog Post created by eironside-esristaff Employee on Nov 15, 2019

As you may know, the GeoEvent Manager is reliant on the Enterprise to create the Map and/or Feature Service when connecting to Spatio-Temporal Big Data Store [STBDS or just BDS] data sources.  In most cases, the creation of these services goes smoothly and everything just works. But on occaision, the synchronization between the two systems doesn't go as it should because of timing issues.  This entry walks through one of those situations and a simple fix.




I have an environment consisting of an ArcGIS Enterprise [Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Server], Data Store [Tile Cache, Relational, and STBDS], and GeoEvent Server.  The GeoEvent Server is federated with my enterprise, but I don't think that really makes a difference (I've seen this issue on system with and without federation of the GeoEvent Server).


Create Data Source

In GeoEvent Manager, I navigated to Services > Outputs and pressed the Add Output button. I selected the Add a Feature to a Spatiotemporal Big Data Store output and created the output using most of the defaults.  While on this dialog, I press the Create Data Source button.  On the resulting Create Data Source dialog, I accepted most of the defaults and pressed the Publish button. Once the user interface returned, I added the output  to a GeoEvent Service, connected it up and data appeared to be flowing to my output.


Missing A Service?

In order to review/change my Data Source's properties I navigated Site > GeoEvent >Spatiotemporal Big Data Stores. I was presented with the following:


At first glance I feared it had failed to create the Map Service. But I wanted to be sure it had not been created before I created a new one. So I consulted the Portal Content and was surprised to see both of my services listed there:


I also looked into the ArcGIS Server REST services and found them to be there and functioning properly:


Finally, I added them to a web map. By now, data had added to the underlying feature class and the map displayed properly.


Missing Service Fix

Seing my services on the Enterprise made me suspect that communication between GeoEvent and the Enterprise had somehow gone wrong.  Returning to GeoEvent Manager, I navigated to Site > GeoEvent > Data Stores, located my connection to the enterprise (in my case it was default) and pressed the Synchronize button.


Doing the synchronization caused GeoEvent to update its cache of content on the Enterprise, including the Map and Feature Services related to my Data Source. Now when I go to Site > GeoEvent >Spatiotemporal Big Data Stores my Data Source lists the appropriate services:


The Issue

When GeoEvent sends the request to create the Map and Feature Services, it will only wait so long before timing out.  Because of this, if the response from Enterprise is delayed for any reason, GeoEvent will continue on without the service information.  Synchronizing the Data Store in GeoEvent Manager causes GeoEvent to re-cache the content on the Enterprise, including the services related to the BDS Data Source.