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Defined information about the physical environment, the usage and occupancy of land and legislation.


Using Geographic Information System resources


The environmental units delimitation aims to give support for the planning and the adoption of handling and soil conservation practices, according to agricultural aptness and natural limitations.


The territorial arrangement is way to preserving water resources, maintaining permanent preservation areas and forests, and guarantee the increasing of the productive potencial in agricultural regions.


Resulting in a environmental improvement and better quality of life for the inhabitants of the Country.





- Presentation of the basic project data in SCALE 1: 50.000 (Hydrographic, Forest Vegetation and Use Land Cover)



- Identification of Rivers and Headwaters - SCALE 1: 50.000



- Base ArcGIS Online - STORY MAPS



- Crossings data based on the Brazilian Legislation




- Apresentação dos dados básicos do projeto na  ESCALA 1:50.000  (Rede Hidrográfica e Cobertura Vegetal e Uso da Terra)


- Identificação de Rios e Nascentes ESCALA 1:50.000


- Apresentação dos dados da base de referência no ArcGIS online


- Cruzamentos de dados com base na Legislação Brasileira


PROJETO em execução ... in execution ... :



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