Civic Engagement and Web GIS

Blog Post created by dscheirer-esristaff Employee on Aug 2, 2014

I live in Redlands and have had reason to notify the city of a few infrastructure issues during the last week.  I’ve attached one of my notifications about a broken pedestrian street crossing button.  I’m just not “that guy” who would call or even e-mail such a problem.  But the simplicity and fun factor of a phone app makes reporting quick and easy. BTW, the City of Redlands works with CitySourced to produce this app.


My favorite story comes from a friend Katy who also lives in Redlands.  Katy's girlfriend picked her up for some girl time and a pedicure.  As Katy opened the door of her friends's car, she noticed a broken concrete cover to the water line for her house.  She snapped a picture and submitted a report while on her way to the pedicure.  When they returned a few hours later, a city truck was parked in front of her house and the crew was replacing the cover.   Katy was impressed by the quick service.


Web GIS makes it easy for Local Governments to engage their citizens in keeping city infrastructure working.