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Dean Walton, University of Oregon 1
“Mapping the overlooked: Capturing data on less widely recognized species”


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ABSTRACT: "The habitat and ranges of charismatic flora and megafauna are much more known than those of obscure and overlooked flora and fauna such as pin lichens and snails. A 2001 report on rare species In Oregon lists more 30 snail/slug species with G1 global abundance rankings indicating that there are six or fewer known populations of each species1. However, as a result of several recent publications, new range and county occurrence maps have been or are being drafted that are changing these numbers and rankings. This project works to elucidate strategies for data collection and mapping for some of these often ignored or overlooked species in the Pacific Northwest, as well as other places around the globe.
Oregon Natural Heritage Program. 2001. Rare, Threatened and Endangered Plants and Animals of Oregon. Oregon Natural Heritage Program, Portland, Oregon. 94 pp. (98 pp. PDF)."


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