Automate Transfer Field Domain Descriptions via Python

Blog Post created by dmuthami on Apr 14, 2015

Download code to allow you automate the process of transferring field domain descriptions via python.


The steps:


a) Fork code from this Github repository


b) Download sample data to try it out


c) in the script find the below lines of code an update accordingly



        _workspace = r"C:\DAVID-MUTHAMI\GIS Data\Namibia ULIMS\GIS\Datasource\Rundu\Database\rundu.gdb"

        env.workspace = _workspace


        #Feature class used in system

        featureClass = "rundu_Parcels"

        oldField = "ru_zoning_id"

        newField = "ru_zoning_id2" # ru_township_id2  ru_zoning_id2

        domainName = "rundu_zoning" # rundu_township  rundu_zoning