More Installation and Testing this Week

Blog Post created by danrich on Sep 25, 2014

This week, I will be getting out the soldering iron to rewire the diode I burned up on my first round of testing the UAV. The Pixhawk autopilot has a Zener diode on the servo rail (supplies backup power) to condition voltage spikes over 5 volts, which can cause the autopilot to reboot mid mission - not a good thing. I originally wired the diode reverse polarity, connecting the red to black, etc. as this is the way diodes are supposed to work, but apparently, they already account for this. When I fired up the servo rail, I received a lot of smoke - also not a good thing. I burned up the diode, but thankfully, that was the only thing that burned up. This weekend, I will solder a new diode to a servo connector in the correct direction and try again. I also need to solder some XT60 connections on my Chinese batteries (so much cheaper to get these from China), and solder a JST charge connection on my UHF beacon locator battery (there in case the plane decides to get a mind of its own). When the soldering is done, I will then work on getting the autopilot to work with the CHDK script on the Canon camera to automate the shutter.

ESRI UC 013_small.jpg