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Congratulations Esri!

Posted by csergent08 Champion Apr 2, 2015

As a government employee for 15 years, I have worked with a lot of vendors and know the value of customer service. In this article Jack and Laura Dangermond are being honored. The article talks about how the company has succeeded through changing technology, but for me that's not the only reason they have succeeded. Esri staff and Esri customer service has been and is the best that I interact with. From developer meetups to training to conferences, I have not met an Esri employee that is not willing to help out with my needs in GIS development. Even Jack Dangermond is very interested in the community. I have sent him a total of two e-mails since I started working at my current job. He responded to both indirectly. One was complimenting his staff and that individual let me know that Jack spoke to that individual and appreciated it. I've spoken to Jack on more than one occasion and he is very interested in what I have had to say. Do I think I'm special? No, he treats everyone like that. He is approachable, interested and values feedback and he and his staff demonstrate this everyday. So, I just want to say congratulations to Jack and Laura Dangermond and all of Esri staff and thank you for a product that helps me love the field that I work in.