Teamwork and Collaboration

Blog Post created by csergent08 Champion on Mar 23, 2015

Back in the 90's while still in college, as many do, I participated in student activities. Always the pessimist, I ran for Vice President of the Student Senate. I felt if I'm going to lose I would like to at least say I ran for something big. It didn't turn out as I had expected; I won. So, I became very active and the Student Senate became very important for me. Not a lot was getting done, which I found frustrating. I wanted more done and I only wanted people in the Student Senate that wanted to make it better. Because of this I started asking others to recruit students to the vacant positions, but I wanted those positions to be important to the student as well. I wanted quality over quantity. Some thought that I took this student activity too seriously, but my thought was that there were students that voted for us and had expectations and I was going to do my best as their representative. By the end of the year we filled all of our Student Senate seats and I ran for President and won again. For me, that year would have the great impact for me as a professional. I went on a team building exercise with the rest of the Student Senate and found I liked the impact of what we could do by working together as a team and collaborating our ideas to accomplish goals. So, this is where I part from my college days to my coding days.


For me, GeoNet has been a place for teamwork and collaboration. If you knew me, you could see that in everything I do. I created a web developer group on LinkedIn, a running group on Facebook and GeoNet and I attend conferences and meetups wherever whenever I can as well as contribute in each. For me it's about one thing, supporting one another in our endeavors. I still don't understand how many developers work on very similar projects and don't try working together more. I have appreciated the help on GeoNet from people like Robert Scheitlin, GISP and Kelly Hutchins and Tim Witt and there are others. As they help me, I try to help others as well. Sometimes it's a guess; you never know what might spark an idea. Sometimes I have to research from my side and have come up with the answers a few times and glad I have been able to contribute some of my knowledge back to the community.


Even with the help and the interaction on here, I do wish there was more of a desire for members here, or in the developer community in general to work together to come up with new ideas, write better and more efficient code. But until or if that happens, we will continue to see what developers can do instead of what they could have done, by working together.