The Running DevS

Blog Post created by csergent08 Champion on Mar 17, 2015

There are a lot of ways to connect with other developers that program with Esri software, such as meetups and conferences, but sometimes we can get so busy at events that we forget to connect with one another. I'm diabetic so I have a need to workout which I do, and eat right, which comes and goes. I was hoping to go to the DevSummit this year and thought it would be fun to go running with others. I had someone to run with originally, but that fell through. But that's okay, you've always got to have a backup plan. So, I created a group called The Running DevS with the acronym of TRDS, just to add a little levity to it. If the off chance that I could not find anyone to run with I also contacted a running store in Palm Springs. Their staff offered to show me some trails while out there as well, which is good, as I tend to get lost on trails when I run them on my own. As luck had it, the DevSummit came and I could not get approval to go, so no running in Palm Springs this year. But like I said, you've got to have a backup plan. Although the DevSummit did not get approved, I have been approved to attend the Esri UC in San Diego. There is still an issue with this. I am currently injured. That would have actually ruined a trail run in Palm Springs too now that I think about it. Last year through running, I ended up with plantar fasciitis in my right foot, received some good advice, and treated it with rest, limited running, and different stretches. But unfortunately during a trail run, I suffered a stress fracture of my cuboid; same foot. That healed and now I am dealing with peroneal tendonitis, again in the same foot. However, my goal is still to do some running at the user conference if I can heal in time. With everything that has happened to my foot, not to mention a possible torn rotator cuff in my left arm, I still will not give up.


As for the group of The Running DevS. I thought creating the group would facilitate an opportunity for developers that are also runners to have a chance to talk running, code, and ideas in developing GIS apps. But more than anything, it would provide runners that have a common job a chance to get to know one another while doing something that we all have in common.


If you plan on attending the Esri UC, I encourage you to join my group and even if I am not at a future event, my hope for this group is that The Running DevS will still be able to get together for a run.


If you would like to be part of The Running DevS, join my group here: The Running DevS  How fast you are and your abilities do not matter. Let's just have fun. Hope to run with you soon.