Star Wars or Star Trek?

Blog Post created by csergent08 Champion on Jan 14, 2015

I have always had the opinion that if you are a programmer and really love programming, that you are probably a fan of Star Wars or Star Trek. If you don't like Star Wars, this post may seem a bit confusing. For myself, I am a fan of Star Wars, but I do watch Star Trek movies as well. I'm just not into them as much. Recently I watched the original Star Wars from 1977 as I plan on watching one Star Wars per month this year in the following order:

Episode IV - January

Episode V - February

Episode II - March

Episode III - April

Episode VI - May

Episode I - June

Episode II - July

Episode III - August

Episode IV - September

Episode V - October

Episode VI - November

Episode VII - December


The first time is to use episodes II and III as flashbacks before concluding in episode VI. The second set is to watch the entire series in chronological order. I do wish there were an interquel. This is what I call a trilogy between the new trilogies and the original trilogies. I would like to see an episode just called Vader. It would show what Anakin was dealing with as he struggled to become the Dark Lord of the Sith that made him famous. In the next one, would be called Rebels Rising, where the Rebellion had just begun and answer that question I had when Darth Vader said, "there will be nothing to stop us this time". Of course that answer could come in the last episode of the trilogy which I would call Death Star which would lead up to the rebels starting the process of the stealing the plans for the Death Star. Just fun things to think about while I wait for Episode VII to come out on December 18, 2015.


So, Star Wars or Star Trek?