Developing in JavaScript Kicking and Screaming

Blog Post created by csergent08 Champion on Dec 31, 2014

I've been developing in the JavaScript API for a little while, but I had hoped that I would be able to develop in Silverlight. I just like XML. Everything has a beginning tag and an ending tag. JavaScript at first glance looks like a mess. I also have written is Visual Basic and I like functions that start with Function and end with End Function. For me it's just cleaner looking code. But Esri will be dropping support for Silverlight and Flex and even plug-ins are losing support overall as discussed in this article Why Browser Plug-Ins Are Going Away and What’s Replacing Them. So, I too have moved on. At least I like JavaScript Frameworks. I just like gadgets and JavaScript Frameworks are virtual gadgets to me. I have started my own github project for the templates I plan on creating. Check it out at: csergent45/gisTemplate · GitHub  You can follow it, ask to help or fork it. As I update my code, you'll see some examples of how I like to have a beginning and an end to sections which I do through comments. While I learn more and more about JavaScript, I post questions here on GeoNet. I also try to answer them, haven't fared to well as of yet, but I will keep trying.