ArcGIS Pro sabotaged multiple objects/ map projects(15+ hour projects)

Blog Post created by ckohlerpeoria on Jun 6, 2018

I create city maps using Arcgis Pro so I must include inserting text and other objects to explain what is on the map. 


Features, such as text objects(a label) will no longer be selectable in my contents, for no obvious reason.


For example, I insert a text object, type in my desired text and continue to move the text object on my map to the desired location. Next, along the motions of moving the text object, the object disappears from my contents. There is no obvious pattern because some text objects don't act this way while others will abruptly disappear from my contents pane, while staying visible on my map! I can select the object on my map, but I cannot delete it or no longer move it without it snapping back to the original spot before it disappeared. The object becomes locked into place on my map. My maps have random text objects placed in obviously misplaced areas, ruining the map and all of my committed work. This happens on maps I spend over 10 hours, sometimes 20 hours, preparing. 


I emphasize I cannot delete, move, or even target the feature in my contents pane. The object which was visible in the contents pane suddenly disappears, again but still is visible on my map layout. I can only attempt to copy/paste what objects I CAN see in my contents pane in order to salvage my hard work. Often requiring me to REBUILD ENTIRE street indices. This is the 5th time this has happened to me and I need to come here to 1) share the problem in hopes of ESRI addressing/fixing it! 2) to vent my frustration/disappointment in the loss of my hard work and the stress of having my maps sabotaged. Imagine a dozen misplaced text objects on a map and that is what I am facing. Please help me if this is an obvious fix or if there is somewhere else I can select map objects instead of the content pane. These objects are located outside my map frames, within my layout.


How many times has this happened to anybody else? I run a standard windows 10 PC that is only used for ESRI mapping software. 


I am using Arcgis Pro 2.1.3.


Re-opening the map document and restarting my PC does not improve the problem.