Traffic Counts with Demographics - A new data source

Blog Post created by ccharpentier-esristaff Employee on Jul 20, 2014

We are all used to getting traffic information, and Esri has been serving both real time traffic information ( ) as well as historical traffic. But in both cases when we say traffic, we actually think speed. How slowly or fast can I drive on this street segment. The broader context being that I want to route from A to B and basically want to know how much longer my trip will be.




But Traffic is also about HOW MANY are going through a street segment, and what are the demographics. Unique !


And this is what CITILABS has solved in the US. By collecting counts for local government, and by modelling those numbers down to each street. This si amazing Content. I really encourage you to discover it with this application : StreetLytics by Citilabs"


Michael Clarke and his team were in San Diego at the User Conference presenting their work (see photos below).


If you want more details you can also review the documentation I have attached.