I love to build and problem solve...

Blog Post created by bytesizedgurl on May 13, 2015

I come from a long line of engineers, innovators, inventors and creative types. We BUILD and are CREATIVE along with being very particular about the things we MUST remain precise about otherwise what we build will not have integrity and quality.


After this last position in that other GIS company (again, there's a lot of what I call "coolness" factors to this niche industry) and how they are handling things, how I was subverted, the way they laid me off and everything that happened along with how hard I worked...I am burnt out like no other project I've been on throughout my career!


I'm on the edge of giving up the code on the low level and leveraging my technical knowledge to apply it to something like professional blogging.


It is very difficult to give up coding and building and hacking and all the good stuff that we love. The thing is that we have this difference in realities unlike most of the world. Open source devs are KNOWN for being very creative and smart...but we don't bode well in corp environments. It really stinks bc the job market is now cut significantly if you do not go corp.


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