How good is your ArcGIS Online content?

Blog Post created by bszukalski-esristaff Employee on Jun 24, 2015

When I'm searching ArcGIS Online I'm always looking for the best content possible. I'm looking for the most authoritative and up-to-date maps,apps, and layers that perform well and have been well-authored with good pop-ups and other tradecraft. I often judge content like the proverbial book - by its cover. I look for a good thumbnail, a good description, a good profile for the author, and lots of other small things that together add up to mean "best." These little things not only tell me the content owner knows and cares about what he is doing, but is also representing a source that I can trust. I often evangelize these details as best practices that should be adopted by everyone, some of this is encapsulated in a recording of a Live Training Seminar you can find at the Esri training site.


Until recently there hasn't been an automated way to evaluate items, but now there is. The Living Atlas includes a new contributor's page with online tools that evaluate your content and provides a score for how well you have documented your items and adopted best practices. Though intended for contributors to the Living Atlas, this is a really useful tool to help you evaluate the quality and completeness of your items, and readiness to share with others.


To check your content (or to nominate content to be included in the Living Atlas), go to the Living Atlas contribution page and sign in to your ArcGIS account. You will see a listing of all your items with tools to search, filter, and sort.



Click any item to see its score. I've done a pretty good job on this item, scoring 78 out of 100.


Areas where you should look to improve the item will be highlighted in red. Looks like my Summary could use a little more work.


Hovering over the info button will offer some tips for improvement, and how scored.


Look for the Edit button to make changes directly from here.


Use this valuable collection of tools to see how well you have done, and to help you put your best sharing foot forward. On top of that, why not think to nominate your best for the Living Atlas?