LGDM 10.2 : Some links I find important

Blog Post created by bokeefe on Nov 19, 2014

I've only been "officially" working with the LGDM (Local Government Data Model) for about a year. But the one key thing that I have found to be a constant is the lack of clarity when searching for information on it. So in an attempt to create a resource that I will use, and something that might benefit others, I plan on using this post to cover those key points that I feel are commonly asked Local Government questions and resources requested.


  1. ArcGIS for Local Government 10.2 : This is a 'help' page for Local Government. It should cover the majority of questions that most users initially have for the 10.2 version.
  2. Local Government 10.2 Data Dictionary :
    The Local Government Data Model is fairly simple dataset. It has complexities within it, but for the most part it's a simple database with some in-depth domains. However, simple doesn't mean easy to digest. It sometimes requires asking questions that aren't self evident when working with it. And despite it having a 'Metadata' section within itself, it does not cover the various fields and what they ACTUALLY mean. The Data Dictionary does this.

...more as I find them...