What is the Urban Observatory and why should you participate?

Blog Post created by bell.jennifer.d on Feb 18, 2015

If you haven't seen the Urban Observatory, it's definitely worth exploring! This app places cities side-by-side to allow you to compare characteristic similarities and differences. The Urban Observatory creates greater understanding about a place through comparisons to cities that you're already familiar with. This understanding can be utilized for policy, tourism, science, education, demographics, philanthropy, and many other fields. Click here to view this well-designed, interactive app.


The videos below share the idea behind the Urban Observatory, how easy it is to participate, as well as how your involvement can help create greater understanding for your city. I created these videos utilizing Camtasia software to record my screen, add voice-overs, and make edits. The Touch Table video was shot at a professional recording studio and I have simply added a voice-over to the b-roll.


The Urban Observatory Touch Table and How-To videos can be viewed below: