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Cartographic Alchemy

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Learn more about the 2014 Esr interns' dream jobs and interests in this beautiful Story Map created by Katherine Desy!

Join thousands of volunteers just like you to help solve real-world problems to recent events such as wildfires, tornadoes, and airplane crashes.  Volunteers view up-to-date satellite imagery and identify objects and places related to recent incidents. This site takes crowdsourcing and volunteer work to a whole other level!



Global Poverty

Posted by bell.jennifer.d Jul 28, 2014

With the release of the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative's Multidimensional Poverty Index data, I decided to create a global poverty map journal that shows how and where poverty impacts developing nations around the world.  You can explore the Global Poverty Map Journal by clicking on this link:



Who in America Watches the World Cup?

This interactive Map Journal shows the number of households who play soccer, watch MLS, and watch the World Cup in the U.S. by ZIP Code.