Interactive Panoramics

Blog Post created by awoods on May 30, 2016

Aloha everyone,

Todays Post isn't directly related to ESRI Software, but there is an element of Projection and Perspective.  I wanted to quickly share with you how to create a Tiny World image and make it interactive with free software.  The first Step to to find an interesting subject matter.  For this example I chose the Hawaii State Capital.  Next safely fly your UAV to the desired location (for this example ~100 ft above the center of the Hawaii State Capital)  Proceed to capture Images with 30-50% overlap as your Yaw the aircraft.  Once a revolution is complete, pan the camera  ~5-10 degrees down and repeat the photo sequence as you yaw (rotate) the aircraft.  Once all images have been captured, export the images to Microsoft Image Composite Editor.   Work through the Workflow of Import, Stitch, Crop and Export.  Under the "Stitch" step, you can select the "Projection" you'd like the images to have. Experiment and see how it changes the look of your image.ICE_projections.png

On the Export tab choose Photosynth (You'll need to create a free account with them) and then you can upload and share your interactibe panoramic image with the world.view.aspx?cid=c28c4d1d-5b28-4c8e-a6c3-af6878a53c2f !