GSD Calculator

Blog Post created by awoods on May 30, 2016

Just as the name implies, Drone2Map, does a great job of creating clear orthomosaics and amazing Dense 3D Point clouds from Drone Images.  It appears to be a variant of Pix4D, which I've also experimented with and will discuss in more detail in a Future Blog Post.  But as the name also indicates, Drone2Map starts with processing images from the Drone, it does nothing for capturing the data to begin with.  For this, you'll need to either pick a commercial flight planning software, or you can experiment with a more manual flight approach.  A key element in the quality of your end product will be the desired GSD or Ground Sampling Distance (aka Pixel Size).  The folks at PIX4D have created a slick Excel format GSD Calculator tool that can help you determine the ideal flight altitude given your desired end Pixel size (given a few variable about the camera/sensor).   Remember to always fly safely and within the limits of airspace regulations.gsd_calculator.png2.png