Creating a "Big Bang"

Blog Post created by alew on Feb 23, 2015

Want to add a tag to a document you are creating? Do you need to share one of your maps from ArcGISin a discussion reply? With the simple addition of an exclamation mark (!), a.k.a. a bang, you can add these throughout GeoNet.


To start:

  • As you are typing within the body of the content, enter a ! and you will see a pop-up giving you a set of options.

           A GeoTag will open a map centered on your <preferred location> from your profile.

          Add a Map from AGO will allow you to share any publicly shared map inside your document.


1101 2nd St NE, Washington, District of Columbia, USA



Crisis In Ukraine Lesson Map

This map is designed to be used with GRACE social studies lesson #3 Crisis in Ukraine. To obtain the lesson, contact