Getting started with GIS and ArcGIS Runtime for .NET

Blog Post created by akajanus-esristaff Employee on Jul 8, 2014

If you are starting to learn and work with GIS and ArcGIS Runtime for .NET you might need some materials to get started with. So I pulled together some links to help you getting started.


Documentation and code


THE place to start is ArcGIS SDK for .Net | ArcGIS for Developers site. Hands down. This is central site that gives you all the needed information or links to the correct place. From this site you can find documentation, API reference and much more. I recommend you spending a bit time with this site and see what it contains.


Some gems that you can find from the site:



Guide how to work with ArcGIS Runtime SDK.



Main page where you can find links to the samples and other public code.



General design considerations that you need to take into account when starting to build your application.




  • Getting Started with ArcGIS Runtime for .NET


Session recorded on Developer Summit 2014 that goes though how to get started with ArcGIS Runtime for .NET SDK. Remember that all you see in session is relevant to all platforms in the SDK so it is good to see both building apps sessions. After sessions were recorded Microsoft released Universal Apps concept that helps us to share code between Windows Store and Windows Phone projects so this is missing from the sessions. Read more about Universal Apps support from here.




  • Building Offline Apps


Set of two session recorded on Developer Summit 2014 that goes through offline capabilities of the ArcGIS Runtime SDK's in general. While these sessions are general across all the platforms including ArcGIS Runtime for .NET everything is relevant to you whether you work with Windows Desktop, Windows Phone or Windows Store (or all of them).



  • GIS for Developer series


Getting started series for developers that aren't familiar with GIS. These videos gives good overview what GIS is and how we work with spatial data in daily basis. Personally I found these sessions from Developer Summit very informative some years ago when I started to work with GIS. You can also find these sessions from previous years from the same site.



Other blogs and material


Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Shawn Kendrot writes blog called Visually Located and has written good posts about ArcGIS Runtime for .NET. See his Visually Located | Getting started with the ArcGIS Runtime (beta) Mapping SDK for .NET series.


If you are new to GIS in general I can highly recommend you to get Michael Zeiler's book "Modelling our World : The ESRI Guide to Geodatabase Concepts". This book gives very good overview of main concepts of the GIS data.