How to add an OSM Layer to viewer

Blog Post created by aitor.caleroesri-es-esridist Employee on Jan 8, 2016

It is possible to add the OpenStreetMap (OSM) layer to viewer as a basemap layer. However, if you want to add it just as a new layer, so that you can play with transparency for instance, it's a little bit more tricky. The OSM layer, is not included by default in the linving Atlas gallery. But it's not that difficult, let's see how can this be done.


The trick is to add it through Add/Add Layer from Web, from there you have to select "A Tile Layer". You can refer to the documentation for more details. But if you want to add OSM you have to know the structure of its tiling scheme. Now you have all the information you need, you just only need to change the [abc], zoom, x and y for the correspondant parameters needed by ArcGIS Online, {subDomain}, {level}, {col}, {row}. That's all!


Obviously, you can repeat this process with the rest of OSM layers as well. True & useful interoperability is just this!


With this little trick you can now use transparency in the OSM layer on top of an Imagery Layer, such as this:


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